Integrating Scholarships Into Your Marketing Strategy to Reach More of Your Audience

A scholarship campaign can be a powerful new addition to your marketing strategy. Hosting a scholarship is so much more than just a charitable donation. It is also a way to raise brand awareness. It can significantly impact search results and even bring you better ROI than other forms of digital marketing. 

Marketing Strategy

Achieving your marketing strategy goals is not an easy task. You already have an amazing product – all that is left is to advertise it properly. This is where a lot of questions arise. How do you communicate your marketing messages to your audience? Do you rely on organic or paid social media channels? Event marketing? Direct marketing mailshots? Perhaps PR? 

And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you run into a brick wall called Gen Z. No matter what you’re selling, this generation makes up 40% of all global consumers. There’s no getting around it – until now. 

Scholarship Campaigns as a Marketing Tool 

If your advertising is falling flat, you’re not getting it right. Gen Z is native to the digital space. Tech-savvy, well-informed about products and services, and skeptical of brands, Zoomers are a tough crowd. Your marketing messages must really hit the right note if you want to reach them. And even when you do, they’ll easily take their business elsewhere if they deem you dishonest. 

What makes advertising to Gen Z particularly difficult is their short attention span. They tend to use ad blocking software and skip online ads more quickly, so traditional marketing won’t get you very far. 

This is when you realize you need to adjust your marketing strategy. Enter scholarships! Never thought about a scholarship campaign as a marketing tool? Then you’re missing out! 

Most Gen Z-ers are high school or college students, and while they may avoid advertising, they proactively seek scholarships for college. So, instead of throwing a bunch of ads their way, you can actually make them come to you by launching a scholarship campaign. 

A student looking for scholarships online

The Advantages of a Scholarship Campaign vs Traditional Advertising 

Creating a scholarship campaign offers significant advantages over traditional advertising: 

Reaching students and capturing their attention 

Instead of feeling targeted by a brand, students feel recognized and supported and they proactively engage with the scholarship provider. 

Building trust and creating a unique connection with students and families 

By offering students money for college, you gain their trust and loyalty to your brand. 

Learning more about your target audience through submitted applications

When students apply for scholarships, they willingly provide information such as their name, email, phone number, or GPA. They even write an essay, or make a video about themselves. 

Broadening your reach with diverse audiences and meeting your equity and inclusion goals 

You can increase diversity and have more equity by creating scholarships targeted at any audience you want. 

Gaining media attention and extending your reach with a positive news story

Providing a scholarship demonstrates your corporate responsibility, which you can share with the world through press releases, or on your website. 

Reducing the cost of your marketing spend while creating greater impact with the audience that matters most 

You can decrease your customer acquisition costs 2-3 times compared to traditional advertising platforms and reach the much coveted Gen Z audience. 

Create and Launch a Scholarship Campaign with ScholarshipOwl for business

If you decide to jump on the bandwagon, the good news is, you won’t have to go it alone! ScholarshipOwl for business allows you to create, launch, and promote your scholarship, as well as track your campaign success. 

A student looking for scholarships online

What is ScholarshipOwl for business? 

ScholarshipOwl for business is an all-in-one, user-friendly platform that connects you to over 7 million students who use ScholarshipOwl to apply for scholarships. You can create and launch your campaign in just 15 minutes, and then monitor your campaign performance in real time! 

Meet Our Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Our advanced analytics dashboard allows you to gain real insight into your campaign. You can use it to monitor and update your campaign while it’s still running and use the data to optimize future campaigns. 

You can track various metrics, such as the total number of students’ visits to your scholarship, as well as the number and percentage of visitors who submitted an application. You can also see the cost per visit, cost per lead, and conversion rate of scholarship applicants. 

A screenshot of ScholarshipApp analytics dashboard

Why You Should Choose a Scholarship Campaign 

Get your scholarship campaign started today. It’s easy to integrate it into your strategy – simply take a slice of your existing online marketing budget and use it to launch your first scholarship.  Why? You’ll get to test the impact of reaching Gen Z in a different way. You’ll discover how engaged students become when they feel supported, rather than targeted. And you’ll elevate your brand while simultaneously acquiring new customers, all at a lower cost. 

On top of all that, you’ll be able to track your campaign success ROI every step of the way and adjust your future marketing strategy accordingly. To launch your scholarship campaign, sign up for free at

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