New Feature Updates: Disable Automatic Winner Picking, Customize Applications and Video Testimonials

new features

Ever since we launched ScholarshipApp, our aim was to make the process of launching and awarding a scholarship as easy as possible. Over time, we realized that there were some features that could make it easier for the students to apply and for you to review their applications.

Today, we present to you three of our latest features which both you and your applicants will love.

Disable automatic winner picking

If you have thousands of applicants, you can make sure that they all meet your criteria by setting them up in ScholarshipApp. Their school year, GPA, location, you name it. Once students apply, you will have a list of everyone that meets these criteria and everyone is eligible to win since there is no requirement such as an essay. In these situations, we make it easy to choose the winner by automatically picking one at random. This makes your job easier since ScholarshipApp does all of the work.

However, if you want to manually choose the winner from the pool of eligible students, our newest feature allows you to do just that. When setting up your requirements, you will have the option of choosing how you want to pick your winner.

This way, you get the best of both worlds – automated applications and manually choosing the winner.

Customize your Advanced Details page

Your scholarship doesn’t have to be like all the others out there and we understand this. By letting you choose which advanced details you require from your applicants. You can choose to include or leave out the following elements on your advanced details page:

  • Written testimonial
  • Video testimonial
  • Affidavit

In this way, you can make your application as simple or as complex as you wish.

Record video testimonials directly from the application page

Now users can record testimonial videos from the browser

The more complex your application form is, the fewer students will end up completing it. One of the stumbling blocks for many students have been the video testimonials. The students have to record the video using their phone or some other device, upload to YouTube or some other platform, attach the video to the application and then hit send. Quite a bit of work, which is why we decided to fix this.

As of this moment, your applicants can record a video testimonial directly from the page where they apply. This will not only make it easier for the students to apply but also for you to review the incoming video testimonials.

That’s it for this round of updates – keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming announcements because we have something very special planned for the months ahead.

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