Last Round of ScholarshipApp Updates for 2020

last round of updates for 2021

This year was a wild ride for all of us and it’s no different for the crew working on ScholarshipApp. We started out strong and through the many iterations we made, ScholarshipApp looks (and functions) much differently than it did at the beginning of 2020. We presented you with many product updates this year and this is the last one for 2020. However, it may be the best one yet.

The new look (and functionality) of the application table

applications table
The new applications table

If you ever launched a scholarship without a dedicated piece of software, you know how big of a mess it can be. Finding the right applicant, sorting the application, exporting your data – this was all rocket science. For most of this year, we wanted to make all of these features possible in ScholarshipApp and the latest update accomplishes just that.

No matter how many students apply for your scholarship, finding and sorting your data has never been easier. The new application table allows you to filter your applicants by date so you can find the exact time someone applied or manually go through the last few applications to make a call.

Moreover, you can now customize the type of fields you want to appear in your application table. If you need applicants’ emails, you can show them immediately. Need their GPA? You can do that too. Show as much or as little data as you want to get an overview of everyone who applied. You can also choose how many rows you want to be displayed per page.

New ways to display your data

If you want to store all of your applicant data for some future use, you can now do it with one click. Just hit “Export” and you can have your applicants’ information in a CSV file. If you want to view it in Microsoft Excel or some other app, this makes it super easy to organize and sort your data.

You can also choose to display applicants as cards instead of rows in a table. It will let you get a closer look at each applicant, which is particularly useful if you have a shortlist of the very best ones.

To an even better 2021

This all that we have in store for this time around. We hope you’re happy with these changes as we are and we hope that you’ll be there with us in 2021 as we make ScholarshipApp even better. Happy holidays and a happy new year!

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