New ScholarshipApp Updates – December 2020

december updates

We’ve been working hard to close off 2020 strong. While the world around us is still trying to pick itself up from the effects of the pandemic, the need for scholarships has never been greater. In our latest update, we have a few new features that will make it even easier to launch a scholarship with ScholarshipApp.

#1 – Potential reach improvements

Have you launched a scholarship but it’s not returning the kind of results you imagined? There could be a few things that you’re not getting right, but it can be really difficult to say what needs fixing. This is why we launched potential reach improvements, a feature that allows you to get personalized advice about your scholarship, straight to your email inbox. You’ll get tips on what you could be doing better and how you can maximize the impact of each of your scholarships.

Besides this feature, we wanted to make it super simple to get in front of your ideal target audience – with tags.

#2 – Scholarship tags

Every new scholarship you create can now have a tag added to it, such as #STEM. You can choose between 24 pre-defined tags. The great thing here is that scholarships will be published on ScholarshipOwl based on those tags. This makes it super easy to be found by your ideal target audience.

Once we released the tag feature, we also realized that we could do some additional improvements on our website, so that’s what we set out to do next.

#3 – Website tweaks

One of the biggest improvements is coming to our own website. We’ve come up with a number of smaller changes that will make it easier for scholarship providers to find crucial information about their scholarships and applicants.

Speaking about applicants, you probably want to give out different scholarship amounts (and the number of scholarships in total) and this is a feature that you asked for frequently – so here it is.

#4 – Different award amounts

You are no longer limited when it comes to the amount of the scholarship awards you want to give out. That means that you can now choose one of the following scenarios, for example:

  • Multiple scholarships with the same award
  • Multiple scholarships with different awards
  • Just one award total

This flexibility will allow you to choose a scholarship that matches your specific needs.

With this new feature, there will undoubtedly be an increase in the number of your applicants. However, there is an important legislation to have in mind:

#5 – Mandatory date of birth

According to the CCPA and COPPA laws, we can no longer accept scholarship applications from anyone younger than the age of 16. For each of our scholarships, we now require the applicant to enter their date of birth.

That’s it for this time around – keep your eyes peeled for the next updates at the beginning of the new year!

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