ScholarshipOwl for business vs. Evalato – Which is the Best Scholarship tool?

In your search to find the best possible app to manage your scholarships, you’re bound to shop around. One of the most common tools for scholarship (and awards) management is Evalato. Today, let’s take a good look at it and find out: is Evalato better than ScholarshipOwl for business and how do the two stack up against each other?

ScholarshipOwl Vs. Evalato: at a glance

In 2016, Evalato was founded as part of Weemss, an online event ticketing and registration software. Up until 2018, Evalato was a part of Weemss, when it broke off as a platform for award management. From the very start, both apps were focused on a wide range of organizations with their offer of awards, grants, scholarships and fundings.

On the other hand, ScholarshipOwl for business was launched in 2018 by the team from ScholarshipOwl. With a vast experience in the world of scholarship, the CEO of ScholarshipOwl, David Tabachnikov, wanted to make it easier for businesses to launch and promote their own scholarship with ease, with a major focus on transparency.

From the very start, you can see that Evalato’s offer is much broader, while ScholarshipOwl for business focuses on scholarships only.

ScholarshipOwl for business Vs. Evalato: features

In order to make this a laser-focused comparison, we’ll focus on Evalato’s scholarship features only.

To create a scholarship in Evalato, you can use their own website builder. While it’s fairly easy to use, the range of styles and colors can be limiting. You can use the form on their own website or embed the scholarship on your own website. This can take some time to figure out, especially if you’re not so tech-savvy.

To make it easier for students to apply, the standard scholarship has only two steps to apply. While this is great if your aim is to get as many applications as possible, it is not ideal. If you want to set up a more complex application process to filter out the very best applicants, you’ll have to do some extra work.

As students apply, they get their own personalized dashboard. Communication with the students is automated and they get emails at crucial points in their application. In general, it’s fairly easy for students to apply.

ScholarshipOwl for business features

On the other hand, ScholarshipOwl for business has an application builder for scholarships only. This means that you can enter details specific to scholarships, such as how many times you want the scholarship to occur, how many scholarships will be given out and at which time periods and more.

You can make it as easy or as complex for students to apply. Whether you want just their basic information or a fully detailed profile, if you want an essay attached or not – it’s your choice what to remove or add to the application. While the default application is fairly simple, you can add or remove requirements as you wish. If your aim is to collect students’ information for future purposes (e.g. hiring), this can be a valuable resource.

All of the communication with students is automated. Not only do they get notified when they move to the next round, but they also get reminded about scholarship deadlines. Any time you want to switch to communicating in person with a student, you can do it immediately from the dashboard.

Another thing that really makes ScholarshipOwl for business stand out is the fact that you can make your scholarships 100% tax-deductible. If you’re located in the USA, our Fund Manager will help you set everything up to get the full benefits of launching a scholarship in this country.

ScholarshipOwl for business Vs. Evalato: Pricing

The pricing for Evalato is twofold. For each program you launch (whether it’s a scholarship or something else), you pay a fixed sum of 900EUR. On top of that, you pay 3EUR for each application that comes in. Let’s say that you launch a scholarship and you want to give away $1,000 and your aim is to get around 1,000 applicants from all over the USA. The total you have to spend on a scholarship is 900+3,000EUR to Evalato and another $1,000 to give away to the student. At 3,900EUR + $1,000, that’s a pretty steep price to pay to make a student’s life easier.

On the other hand, ScholarshipOwl for business is completely free to use and set up. Not only that, but your scholarship is shown to the entire ScholarshipOwl user base for free. That means over 6 million students across the United States.


If you’re looking for an awards management platform and you can afford the big bucks for each participant that enters, Evalato is your app of choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking to give away a scholarship to a student with minimal (i.e. none) costs and use a platform built specifically for scholarships, then ScholarshipOwl for business has all that you need in one place.

Don’t take our word for it – try it today for free!

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