Ramsey Education and ScholarshipOwl Partner to Increase Student Access to Financial Literacy Tools

Feb 10th, 2023 – Ramsey Education, which has positively impacted the financial futures of over 5 million students, has joined forces with ScholarshipOwl, the leading service for earning college scholarships, to provide personal finance curriculum and access to debt-free higher education to high schools across the United States.    

ScholarshipOwl will sponsor Ramsey Education’s personal finance curriculum, Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition, at five under-funded schools. This curriculum, developed by financial expert and best-selling author Dave Ramsey, teaches students practical money management skills, financial responsibility, and the importance of graduating debt free.    

While there has been an increased emphasis on offering personal finance classes, with only 16 states mandating financial literacy education for graduation, too many states don’t offer this practical skillset to students. As a result, millions of students graduate high school without understanding the basics of budgeting, saving, credit and the dangers of debt, retirement planning, and other financial information they’ll need as they approach adulthood.    

A key aspect of the relationship between ScholarshipOwl and Ramsey Education is teaching students the effects that student debt, high-interest rates, and predatory loans can have on their financial future. 

Ramsey Education and ScholarshipOwl will fill this critical education gap, bringing financial literacy and a focus on debt-free higher education to hundreds of thousands of high school students each year.   

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with ScholarshipOwl to bring financial literacy to more students,” said Jim King, Executive Vice President Ramsey Education. “By teaching financial literacy and providing access to scholarships, we can empower students to make informed decisions about their education and future careers.  Focusing on applying for scholarships rather than taking out student loans is key to a debt-free future.”   

Through this curriculum, students will be introduced to ScholarshipOwl’s industry-leading AI-powered scholarship matching and application engine, where they can easily connect with leading brands and organizations offering scholarships. This will allow students to fund their education without taking on costly loans or accumulating student debt.   

In addition to connecting students with scholarships, ScholarshipOwl also has a solution for brands and organizations. ScholarshipOwl for Business provides an easy and efficient way for businesses to create and publish scholarships. With ScholarshipOwl for Business, brands can easily activate students through targeted scholarship campaigns, setting goals and success metrics to measure the impact of their scholarships. This solution allows brands to not only support and invest in the education of students, but also to create meaningful engagement and build relationships with the next generation of leaders and customers.    

“At ScholarshipOwl, our mission is to make the scholarship process as easy and accessible as possible for students,” said David Tabachnikov, CEO of ScholarshipOwl. “Through our partnership with Ramsey Education, young people will be introduced to strategies, resources and opportunities that will enable them to fund their education and live financially free.”    

By opening more access points for scholarships and debt-free education resources, this partnership between Ramsey Education and ScholarshipOwl will make higher education more accessible and affordable for all.     

About ScholarshipOwl:  ScholarshipOwl is the fastest path to earning scholarships. Through its innovative, AI-powered smart system, ScholarshipOwl is a one-stop platform that boosts students’ odds of earning scholarships. To get started, students simply create their profile and ScholarshipOwl matches them to scholarships. Our premium strategy tools enable students to sort and filter their matches, check credibility scores, and receive scholarship recommendations tailored to their profile and habits. Students can even see how many applications have already been submitted to each scholarship. Millions of students trust ScholarshipOwl to connect them with the scholarships they have the best chance of winning, helping them achieve a more affordable path to college. To find out more, visit www.scholarshipowl.com.   Additionally, ScholarshipOwl for Business enables brands to easily launch and manage Scholarship Campaigns, the new marketing channel for activating GenZ at scale. To find our more, visit business.scholarshipowl.com. 

About Ramsey Education:  Over the last 14 years, Ramsey Education’s Foundations in Personal Finance has been taught in nearly half of the high schools across the country, impacting the lives of more than 5 million students. Ramsey Education has expanded its personal finance curriculum for higher education institutions as well as an entrepreneurship curriculum for high schools. The curricula covers critical terms and concepts, and equips educators with practical ways they can help their students apply the proven principles. This life-application approach to learning creates an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact on both students and educators. Together with educators, Ramsey Education wants to see every student in America enter adulthood with the confidence needed to set and achieve their goals — and ultimately live up to their fullest potential. For more information, visit www.ramseysolutions.com/education.

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