Target Your Desired Audience With a Scholarship Campaign

Reaching a wide audience may sound appealing, but being able to focus your marketing efforts on a specific target group can be much more effective. For example, what if you could target high school seniors who live in a specific state, have a career goal in computer science and technology, and are graduating in 2023? Or any other niche you find interesting? Well, now you can – with a scholarship campaign on ScholarshipOwl for Busniess!

Read on to find out about all the benefits of a scholarship campaign for your business and how to use them to the fullest on our platform.

Define your audience

When you create a scholarship campaign on our platform, you’ll be on the fast track to 8m+ registered users of ScholarshipOwl. If your goal is to receive as many applications as possible, you may want to set broad target criteria, enabling the majority of students to qualify to apply. On the other hand, if you are interested in targeting a very specific audience, you’ll want to leverage our targeting system to ensure that your applicants have the characteristics you define.

Target the applicants that interest you most

To ensure you reach the applicants you want most, take advantage of our targeting system and fine-tune your target audience. Leverage more than 15+ criteria including demographics, personal information, and education related info.

On top of all this, for each of the target criteria, you can set conditions to further narrow down your target applicants on the ScholarshipOwl platform.

Capture and leverage applicant data

With Scholarship Owl for Busniess, you can really get to know your applicants! You’ll have access to 25 data points per student, enabling you to capture contact information (email, phone, name, etc), demographics (city, age), educational information (graduation date, school level, field of study, etc), and personal data (gender, ethnicity etc).

And the best thing is – you don’t even need to ask any questions! Students have already input all of this information into the ScholarshipOwl platform during the registration process. All you need to do is select which data points you would like to capture when setting up your scholarship.

You can capture the data about your prospects/applicants easily and in real time and then integrate the data into your CRM using webhooks, API, or Zapier. You can then leverage this data to gain a deeper understanding of your applicants and create a unique connection with students and their families.

Launch your scholarship campaign today at, and see what it can do for your marketing strategy!