Sweet Tooth Showdown: Gen Z’s Favorite Candies Revealed!

Sweet Tooth Showdown Gen Z's Favorite Candies Revealed!

In a world filled with delectable treats, candies hold a special place in the hearts of Gen Z students across the United States. With so many delicious options to choose from, we conducted an extensive survey to uncover which candies reign supreme among this young generation. After collecting responses from 11,597 students in high schools and colleges, the results are in, and the battle for the top spot is sweeter than ever!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: A Peanut Butter Paradise

With a resounding victory, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups stand tall as the most favored candy among Gen Z. Out of the 7,612 female respondents, a staggering 1,815 (23.8%) chose this delectable combination of smooth peanut butter and creamy milk chocolate as their ultimate indulgence. Similarly, among the 3,798 male participants, 967 (25.4%) couldn’t resist the allure of Reese’s. The timeless appeal of this candy proves that peanut butter and chocolate make an irresistible pair, transcending gender and preferences.

Kit Kat and Twix: A Battle of the Wafer and Caramel

Kit Kat and Twix engage in a close competition for second place. Among the females, Kit Kat claims victory with 1,205 (15.8%) choosing this crunchy wafer treat. Twix, on the other hand, garners a devoted following with 1,144 (15%) of the female respondents opting for the delightful combination of caramel and biscuit.

Among the males, Kit Kat retains its position as the favorite, with 636 (16.7%) choosing this delightful wafer candy. Twix secures second place once again, with 484 (12.7%) male respondents savoring its caramel goodness.

M&Ms: A Classic Crowd-Pleaser

M&Ms showcase their universal appeal, securing third place in both the male and female preferences. Among the female respondents, 652 (8.6%) selected this colorful candy, while 296 (7.8%) of the males opted for these bite-sized chocolates.

Skittles and Snickers: Fruity vs. Nutty

Skittles and Snickers find themselves in a friendly competition for the fourth spot. Among the females, 856 (11.2%) favor the fruit-flavored chewiness of Skittles, while 734 (9.6%) relish the nutty goodness of Snickers.

Similarly, among the males, Skittles captures the hearts of 538 (14.2%) respondents with its vibrant assortment of fruity flavors, while Snickers earns the admiration of 357 (9.4%) participants.

Hershey Company: A Classic Delight

Hershey Company, with its rich chocolate legacy, remains a classic choice. Among the female respondents, 857 (11.3%) favored this iconic brand, while 400 (10.5%) of the males shared the sentiment.

Twizzlers: A Chewy Retreat

Twizzlers, known for their chewy and fruity goodness, attract a dedicated following. Among the female respondents, 349 (4.6%) prefer this licorice delight, and 120 (3.2%) of the male participants enjoy the satisfying chewiness of Twizzlers.

The overall favorite flavour?

The results of our survey offer a delightful peek into the candy preferences of Generation Z students across the United States. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups emerge as the clear favorite, capturing the hearts of both male and female respondents with their peanut butter-chocolate combination. Kit Kat and Twix put up a strong fight for second place, showcasing their enduring appeal.

M&Ms, Skittles, Snickers, and Hershey Company also maintain their positions as beloved classics among Gen Z. Twizzlers, with its distinctive chewy texture, finds its place among the top candies enjoyed by this young generation.

As tastes and preferences continue to evolve, the candy industry will undoubtedly adapt to meet the changing desires of Gen Z. In the meantime, let the sweet tooth showdown continue, as these delightful treats bring joy to the lives of the young and the young at heart. 

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