Will Hosting a Scholarship Work For Your Brand? What It Really Takes to Run a Scholarship

Maybe you already run a scholarship, or are thinking about one. There are many good reasons to do so – the most important one is the help students are getting.

However, you might also be thinking about revamping some of your business’ departments through the scholarship business model. Major benefits of such an approach include community building, marketing and publicity, and remarkable additions to your HR department, which we talked at length in some of the previous posts.

Is it enough just to run a scholarship to reap all of these benefits? Not quite. You will soon learn what you need and how to optimize this process.

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

When it comes to marketing, nothing beats solid, proven values. And nothing shows those values in a company as awarding scholarships does.

Think about it – if you were to choose between two companies based on their values, and one of them was a scholarship provider, which would you choose? You’d probably give the scholarship provider a little more credit.

In order to maximize the marketing potential of a scholarship, however, you need a wide reach. In other words – a large pool of students that a scholarship will be announced to.

Scholarship.app does this for you, in conjunction with ScholarshipOwl. We announce your scholarship to an immense pool of brilliant students – 4.3 million, to be precise.

That’s several million reasons to announce your scholarship via our platform.

Think of the possibilities of such vast numbers hearing about you and your company, in the positive context of a scholarship provider. And thank us later.

Deus Ex Machina (well, almost)

Another awesome aspect of hosting a scholarship is its potential HR value.

First, why potential? Because it depends on the logistics behind it.

If you were to have a system that filters applications based on the provided criteria, and creates a database of young experts in your field that you can draw on in the future, would that be valuable?

Our guess is that the repercussions on HR would be immense. It would be much easier, and cost-effective, to approach potential employees and interns. You’d have a faster screening process. And, because of the good marketing and connection to scholarships, your relationship with the candidates would already be positive, years ahead of offering them a position.

Luckily, such a system is one click away – at Scholarship.app. The platform is built so that it seamlessly connects you, the business, with applicants that match your eligibility criteria. And, because of the big numbers of students already signed up for scholarships, you can obtain remarkable candidates for future positions.

It’s a long-term planning at its best, to the benefit of both you and students.

Can You Do It Alone?

Absolutely. Any scholarship provider can independently announce their scholarship and get some of the mentioned benefits.

However, a chance for benefits isn’t the same as a platform that’s optimized for this model.

Just take the issue of legal documents that follow scholarships. You can pay and draft these documents yourself, or you can sign up for free at Scholarship.app, get the legal templates, and customize them to your specific situation.

The much bigger issue, of course, would be securing the same audience reach with your scholarships and designing the efficient logistics to support your business’ goals. 

It’s really a no-brainer. You get all the benefits, the expertise, and a fully developed platform to support you, and we get to connect businesses and students.

If your interest is piqued, make sure you check our website and see firsthand how we support scholarship providers and forward-thinking businesses.