How We’re Changing the Face of Scholarships, So Your Community Can Feel Their Impact

What is an authority?

It is not a self-proclaimed expert who never allows disagreement. It is also not an unreachable monarch, high up in the clouds of theories.

Authority is someone who helps in the best way: a knowledgeable and experienced explorer, humble enough to listen when their perspective is broadened.

When it comes to breaking new ground and offering a more efficient model – say, with scholarships – an authority doesn’t insist, but provides evidence. Because that’s what true authorities do – they examine, communicate and perform. aims to explore and implement better, innovative scholarship management and distribution. But don’t just take my word for it.

The most obvious face of scholarships

Up until recently, and especially for small- and medium-sized businesses, scholarships have been an occasional sign of goodwill and a tax deduction tool. Although both of the reasons are valid in the light of humanitarian and business aspects, we at believe there is so much more untapped potential in scholarships.

Think about it this way: if we always remained at the most obvious face value of anything, we wouldn’t have got very far. If fire had remained forever just a crackling of wood and a temporary source of warmth, we would have never discovered cooking, different sources of energy, alloys… The list goes on.

In other words – we’d still be living in a cave. Progress is driven by reinvention and new applications.

New applications, new worlds

What can scholarships do that hasn’t been done before? Because of their community-building powers, scholarships are an amazing compliment to your marketing and HR departments.

By helping students in need, you gain positive traction among their wider circle. You are recognized for the values you stand for, and people learn about your company and products in the best possible context. Effortlessly. That’s the very definition of a successful marketing campaign.

In order to maximize the reach of your scholarship, and the marketing aspect of it, leverages its other platform – ScholarshipOWL – to put your scholarship in front of 4.3 million students registered for our services. This way, you get the best recognition and shout-out for your humanitarian efforts.

Better, more lasting connections

On the HR side of things, putting your scholarship to such a wide audience allows you to compile an impressive list of contacts and form an unparalleled talent database. This list is at your fingertips for any future internship and employment offers. Similar HR campaigns would have cost you a lot more.

HR benefits don’t end there: by sponsoring and supporting students, you have started developing a healthy business relationship years before you offer them positions. Most businesses neglect this aspect of scholarships, because they see them as a temporary thing and don’t take into account the long-term benefits of it.

You have a chance to be different and among the first to benefit from this broadened perspective. is set in such a way to optimize the selection process: you announce your scholarship and the criteria, and our platform combs through our extensive list of subscribers, connecting you with the best candidates for your business. Only the best matches remain, and there will be plenty of those.

We have also thought about the legal side of scholarships: our platform provides you with legal templates you can customize to fit your needs.

Our Partners Are Already Enjoying the Benefits

In a short time since the platform was launched, we have already set up scholarships for CommonBond, Positive Rewards  and many other companies. Our partners keep coming back, because they are starting to see the benefits of a new approach to scholarships.

Partnerships have also improved us – we are open to learning and upgrading the system, for the benefit of all parties involved. Better selection process, effective customization and deeper understanding of the interactions between scholarship providers and students mean more value for everyone.

Scholarships’ Prometheus

Are you ready to get out of the cave and re-think your views on scholarships? is a true authority on connecting small- and medium-sized business with students via scholarships, and maximizing the benefits for everyone involved.

You can, of course, reap the benefits of scholarships independently. But, why not utilize the expert and let us help you with our knowledge on this awesome opportunity?

If you would like to know more about the fire that drives us toward better values and more sustainable business models, check out our website. New, better scholarships applications are just a click away.