Get the Best Leads of Your Career with this Marketing Tool

The best leads are recommendations of trusted people. Right? Well that’s partially true.

When it comes to recruiting your top talent, the best lead generator are those that provide you with a great employee, who has the necessary expertise, and can fit in and contribute to your company culture.

Let’s flip it back to you. How satisfied are you with the results of your hiring process? On average, it probably evens out – some of them workout, some are expensive, and some are just downright money down the drain.

The problem is – even with all the screening processes and investments in training, your company culture can still feel very alien to employees. How can that begin to change? We’ll get to that later.

This leads to another question: once an adult employee steps into a company, is it already too late to develop the connection? It’s debatable, but it does leave an interesting option: we can start developing these employee-employer relationships much sooner via a not-so-obvious leads generating tool.

It all starts sooner than we think

Let’s take a step back.

Back in high school or at college, would you have felt different knowing there’s a company/business you can reach out to, once you graduate? Probably yes – you might have studied harder, put in more effort, built your work experience with a laser focus.

What if you were already convinced that this company cares for you? How would that affect your relationship to it?

My guess is: you would cherish the opportunity and work hard to prove yourself and fit in. And, once you actually walked into this company, you would feel at home. Because you already knew them.

As a business owner, how do you craft that kind of relationship?

You start early. Through scholarships.

Hire via scholarships?

Scholarships can be an amazing leads magnet and hiring tool.

Let’s say you create a scholarship that’s advertised to 4 million students. That’s 4 million potential experts in various fields. You specify the criteria of your scholarship and narrow the pool of applicants, depending on your needs.

Further filtering would present top-notch students in the area of your business, distributed by age, area of expertise, location, work experience, etc. The best part? Now you know about all these young experts and have a way of contacting them.

Just by issuing a single scholarship you would gain access to thousands of future professionals (the main pool could be in the millions). That would also mean a significant cut in costs related to HR and headhunting. Moreover, by awarding them scholarship for their education, you would start your business-employee relation on the best foot possible.

Effectiveness Dilemma

But, aren’t scholarships expensive and followed with lots of administration?

Well, how much would you have spent otherwise on attaining thousands of potential candidates? Not to mention the time for interviews, tests, and all the screening procedures.

The administration and advertising your scholarship can be tricky if you do it alone, but you don’t have to. is created to make the process hassle-free for you as a business owner come scholarship provider. We have automated the selection process and the criteria needed to qualify is easy to set up. You also get the necessary administrative templates to make things streamlined as possible, which can be fully customized to your needs. 

Additionally, through our platform, your scholarship will actually be visible to 4 million students. You don’t have to spend time getting your scholarship in front of the right students – we do it for you.

This is all done so you, a scholarship provider, can easily connect to dedicated students who deserve financial help. We didn’t want technicalities getting in the way of what we believe to be the next big thing in marketing and generating leads.

Crafting the Path

It is really a no-brainer – if you want to start generating great leads on future professionals to join your business, along with developing trusting relationships before they even set foot in your company, scholarships are the way to go.

A fraction of an investment spent can lead to a ROI for years to come.

Check out website to learn more and start hiring prospective employees based on mutual trust – and the business culture, and therefore loyalty, will organically take care of itself.